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2023 is the year for Detective Winston Wayne

Puzzle-based escape room-inspired VR title from Vancouver-based Somnium Porta release in 2023. The team had been hard at work and tried their best to reflect players feedback during demo release and playtest. Today Detective Winston Wayne is close to be released on Meta Quest. Set in priore to second World War, the game is about solving mysteries and facing twists as one of the Britain finest detectives. Detective WW is a product of 2 years development at out studio and we hope you enjoy when it releases in the upcoming months.


Somnium Porta Introduces Debut VR Title

Vancouver-based virtual reality developers Somnium Porta reveals its debut title Detective Winston Wayne. Set in early World War II era, Detective is set to explore a series of murders in a British royal society. As the globe is enmeshed in World War, our hero tries to solve puzzles and a bigger mystery in order to shed light on truth. Meta VR Headsets will be home to Detective WW’s adventures in the upcoming months.